The lifeline of rail operations

You know everything about your rail network?

Transport by rail is safe and energy-efficient. Widely varying information is required for the economic provision of your track network: the topological structure, an optimal adapted geometry, in millimetre accuracy, the superstructure, switch geometry and many other details. All this information has to be recorded, monitored and internally coordinated.

IQRailQA ensures the quality of your rail network data – the basis for many processes.


Railway infrastructure has long lasting lifecycle characteristics. The current track network always represents the result of numerous planning and construction projects over years and even decades. At each of these links of location and time, valuable information is created. IQRailQA ensures proper information merging and quality assurance.

Various schematic and geographic representations as well as freely defined systems of key performance data support both the process of regular operations and campaigns to clean up data. In this way IQSOFT turns track network data into consistent valuable information. 

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