Put your switches on track for optimized lifecycles

Did you know that your measurement gauge could be more intelligent?

Rail is one of the safest modes of transport. An important prerequisite is to ensure the safety of switches along the route. IQSOFT provides a highly integrated, convenient application to assist in switch inspection.

Based on records of measurement data from your measurement gauge and on time series analysis, the optimum intervals for maintenance work are determined – taking into account factors relating both to safety and economy.

The IQSOFT solution supplies your measurement system with inspection plans taken from the switch inspection order. Tolerances exceeding a critical safety level can be directly identified and appropriate steps can be taken immediately.

You benefit from switch inspection by IQSOFT

  • Seamless inspection using a fully automated, highly intelligent application
  • Optimum lifecycle management of railway switch systems
  • Ideal also for working with outside parties commissioned with measurement 
  • Workflow components support processes

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